Let the day begin

Rallies flocked the nearest Starbucks this morning, waiting for the day’s events to begin. Although many wore their excitement on their sleeves, a few were hesitant to talk to the press.

Sandy Sue and Kathy (who refrained from providing her last name) traveled from San Diego, Calif. to the capital for the event, specifically to see Glenn Beck. Kathy said she was inspired by his call to be better, more honorable people in every day life.

“He’s made me think about things I’ve never thought of before, and that being more honorable people is the only way to clean up Washington,” Kathy said.

The California residents were also concerned about the balance of power in government. They said the executive and judicial branches have taken on too much power recently, especially President Obama.

“This is not a dictatorship. He is taking power that is not his and not listening to the people,” said Sandy Sue.

Proposition 8 is also a major concern for the women. They believe the California judge made a ruling contrary to the will of the state residents.

– Cara Kelly


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