Small groups make up large rally

Representatives of the Libertarian Party were among several groups to use the Restoring Honor rally as a means of providing information about their mission.

Wes Bennedict, executive director of the Libertarian Party, said that the locale was perfect to discuss the mission of his party.

“Some of the people here will agree with us already, but some are confused. It’s the libertarians, not republicans, who are against bigger government and wars,” Benedict said.

Robert, an operations manager volunteer, agreed.

“These people want freedom and that is what the libertarian party is about. We’re the only party that is really for small government,” Robert said.

Dave Carlin also used the event as a platform for a specific cause. Carlin advocated the removal of all attorneys from government, specifically the judiciary branch, and asserted that the judiciary misconduct commission can not operate effectively if comprised only of lawyers. He drew a lot of comments for his attention-grabbing sign, featured left.

– Cara Kelly


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