Video: What does ‘restoring honor’ mean to you?

Steve Cottrell from Denver, Jim Wilhelm, a Maryland candidate for Congress, and Curt Holmes of De Soto, Kan. explained why Saturday’s Restoring Honor rally was significant to them.

Several people at the Restoring Honor rally considered its purpose a restoration of the country to the way it was.

Carol McClellen from Atlanta said that the country needs to abide by the Constitution.

“Mandated health care, the redistribution of wealth, and several policies are negative incentives,” McClellan said when asked which policies don’t follow the Constitution.

Glenn Beck supporter Marion Matin also thinks that the country should return to the principles of the Constitution, and said that the country is headed toward socialism.

“I think free enterprise is important, and that’s why I’m here,” said Matin, a business owner from Tennessee. “When this medical insurance and stuff goes through, I think it [her business] is going to be affected in that way.”

Despite the concern surrounding political policies and the Constitution, James Flath, a member of the 1789 political action committee, said the Restoring Honor rally was not political. Still, he said it was important for him to get involved.

“This is the future of the country we’re talking about,” said Flath. “I just want the country to exist, as great as it is today, in another 200 years.”

-Briona Arradondo


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