Restoring Honor Speakers

Reclaiming the Dream Speakers

Glenn Beck is a self-described conservative political commentator and host of nationally syndicated talk-radio show, The Glenn Beck Program, the third highest rated radio program in America. He has also hosted television shows on Fox, CNN, and ABC News Channels, authored six New York Times bestselling books, and is the founder and CEO of Mercury Radio Arts, a multi-media production company.

Beck’s commentary has faced recurring controversy, as he has become a leading voice for mainstream conservatives in the Obama era. His stance against liberal political organizations including the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and his involvement in The 9/12 Project, his own outreach enterprise, reflect the range of his political influence.

Sarah Palin was the youngest person and the first woman elected as governor of Alaska in 2006. She joined presidential candidate John McCain in 2008 as the first female vice-presidential nominee of the Republican Party.

On July 3, 2009, Palin announced her resignation as governor, fueling speculation that she plans to run for president in 2012.

Palin released her autobiography, Going Rogue: An American Life, in November 2009. In January 2010, she entered a multi-year contract with Fox News Channel providing political commentary. She is set to host her own television show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and daughter of late civil rights activist Rev. A.D. King and his wife Naomi Barber King, is a Christian thinker and a pro-life activist. She is also noted for her opposition to same-sex marriage.

Marcus Luttrell, 35, joined the U.S. Navy in 1999. As a member of SEAL Team Ten, he was deployed in Afghanistan in 2005 under Operation Red Wings. The team was assigned a mission to kill or capture Ahmad Shah, a high-ranking Taliban leader. Luttrell was the only survivor of the mission after the team engaged in a running fire-fight with local Taliban forces. Luttrell received the Navy Cross for his actions.

Al Sharpton Jr. is an American Baptist minister, civil rights activist, host of his own radio talk show, Keepin’ It Real, and candidate for the democratic nomination for the 2004 presidential election. He has made appearances on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC.

In 1969, Jesse Jackson (also attending the rally on 8/28) appointed Sharpton as youth director of Operation Breadbasket, a group focused on the promotion of jobs for African-Americans. Since then, Sharpton has supported equal rights for gays and lesbians, including same-sex marriage, and has run for office multiple times with no success. He has faced criticism from opponents who consider his political views to be radical and his campaigning tactics questionable. Sharpton has admitted to running for office in hopes of attracting attention to civil rights issues and raise questions of social justice.

Martin Luther King III, eldest son and oldest living child of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King, is a human rights advocate and community activist. He served as an elected county commission member in Fulton County, Ga., from 1987 to 1993 and was unanimously elected to head the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a civil rights organization founded by his father, in 1997.

King spoke at the Democratic National Convention on Aug. 28, 2008, the 45th anniversary of the “I Have a Dream Speech” and the first acceptance of an African American for the presidential nomination of a major party. King currently serves as the founding president and CEO of Realizing the Dream, Inc., a national nonprofit organization devoted to maintaining the legacy of his parents.

Arne Duncan currently serves as the U.S. Secretary of Education, appointed by President-elect Barack Obama and approved by the Senate in January 2009. He previously served as the CEO of Chicago Public Schools, raising education standards, improving the quality of teachers and principles, and increasing learning options. Prior to his work at the Chicago Public Schools, Duncan ran the Ariel Education Initiative, a non-profit foundation that helped pay for a college education for a class of inner-city children.

– Chandler Clay


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